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Giving a little back...

Here at SKS we are committed to either raising a bit of money for charity or helping local organisations or clubs, after cycling 100...

Terminal case

Customer broke down and called RAC out to recover and left a report for cam sensor fault, I was called out as car would not start giving...

Audi a3

Customer reported car would cut out after revving and not start again, diagnostic health check shown fault codes indicating faulty...

Vw beetle

Customer attempted to close window when the cables let go and glass fell inside door, stripped down and replaced with genuine item to...

Dacia duster

Customer purchased vehicle with no proof of cambelt change and due date reached, as you can see from the belt it didn't have much more left

Renault clio

Clutch exchange on this 2008 clio after noticing very high biting point

Seeing clearly

Headlight restoration on a customers toyota

Astra bushes

Rear axle bushes changed on 2006 astra

Focus clutch

Slipping clutch on this focus swapped out for new item with release bearing

Vivaro radiator

Customer reported coolant loss, after pressure testing cooling system found the leak to be a small hole in the radiator

Citroen c4

Front discs and pads fitted and replaced a split c.v boot


New cam cover gaskets fitted to this Peugeot, gone brittle over time and oil started dripping onto exhaust not only causing a fire hazard...

Astra van

Front brakes fitted and a new strut top mount


Fitted this charging system and leisure battery to customers van to power a water fed window cleaning system for a new business venture


Some pictures of well overdue cabin filter changes and brake disc damage as a result of excessive pad wear

Spring is in the air

Snapped spring on this nissan both were changed as per our recommendation

Stopping power

Brake pads fitted to this customers car, second picture shows the worn pad next to the new part

Breath of fresh air

Service to this vauxhall mokka, removed cabin filter to see it was original

Sparked out...

Vauxhall Adam had management light on and misfiring, went to remove coilpack and it fell apart, sparkplugs looked like they were the...

Servicable items...

A couple of pictures from some services I've done recently that the owners have told me both cars have supposedly had full services in...

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